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Randomized controlled selection trial of cryotherapy vs. compression therapy for the prevention of taxane-induced peripheral neuropathy in breast cancer patients
The CONTRoL Trial: Cryotherapy vs. cOmpression Neuropathy TRiaL (in Breast Cancer Patients)
Enrolling:Male and Female Patients
Minimum Age:21 years old
IRB Number:AAAR9515
Contact: Research Nurse Navigator: 212-342-5162 /
Additional Study Information:

This is a research study of cryotherapy (cold therapy) vs. compression therapy for the prevention oftaxane-induced neuropathy. This study will assess the effect of a wearing frozen garments or compression garments on preventing neuropathy pain and discomfort that can be caused by taxane chemotherapy. Cryotherapy involves wearing frozen garments on both hands and feet for 90-120 minutes during the administration of chemotherapy. Compression therapy involves wearing tight-fitting gloves and stockings on both hands and feet for 90-120 minutes during the chemotherapy infusion. Both of these interventions have been shown in clinical trials to reduce the incidence of neuropathy, or a tingling or numbing sensation in the hands and feet, caused by taxane chemotherapy. A control group will wear loose gloves and stockings.

Do You Qualify?
Are you at least 21 years of age?YesNo
Do you have a history of breast cancer?YesNo
Will you be receiving paciltaxel or docetaxel for the next 12 weeks?YesNo
You may be eligible for this study

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