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Visual Attention in PTSD (PTSD)
Visual Attention in PTSD (PTSD)
Sponsor:New York State Psychiatric Institute
Enrolling:Male and Female Patients
Study Length:2 Days
Clinic Visits:2
Age Range:Between 18 and 40 years old
IRB Number:7464
Contact: Shay Arnon: 6467748106 /
Additional Study Information:

Emerging research has demonstrated a relationship between visual attention patterns and anxiety disorders, including PTSD. This study is designed to examine these visual attention patterns using eye-tracking A simple device that monitors eye-movements. The study included two sessions conducted approximately 1 week apart, each no longer than 1 hour. In both sessions, you will perform a simple computer task while eye-data will be recorded. Session 1 can be conducted inside an MRI or without scanning. Session 2 has no MRI testing.

Do You Qualify?
Are you under the age of 40?YesNo
Have you ever experienced a traumatic event? (physical or sexual assault, combat, natural disaster, etc.)YesNo
Do you wear bifocal or progressive glasses or contacts?YesNo
You may be eligible for this study

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For more information, please contact:

Shay Arnon