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RecruitMe Clinical Trial

Oral immune activation and alveolar bone loss in women (Aim 1) and men (Aim 1a)
Oral health and bone loss in women and men
Enrolling:Male and Female Patients
Clinic Visits:1
Age Range:Between 35 and 70 years old
IRB Number:AAAR5233
Contact: Anyelina Cantos: 646-856-1648 /
Additional Study Information:

The study is exploring the impact of gender, age, HIV infection, and menopausal status on dental health.The study is open to men and women, ages 35-70.

Do You Qualify?
Do you have 3 or more teeth?/Tiene 3 o mas dientes?YesNo
Are you between the ages of 35 and 70?/Tiene entre 35 y 70 anos?YesNo
Are you taking hormone medications (ex: estrogen, testosterone)?/Toma medicina hormonal (por ejemplo: estrogeno, testosterona)?YesNo
Are you taking blood thinners?/Toma anticoagulantes?YesNo
Do you have a history of osteoporosis therapy?/Tiene historia de terapia de osteoporosis?YesNo
You may be eligible for this study

Place Holder

Who Can I Contact?
For more information, please contact:
Anyelina Cantos
Phone: 646-856-1648