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Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Children and Adolescents with Lyme Disease: Healthy Volunteers
Study of Healthy Children and Adolescents (Ages 5-21)
Sponsor:Columbia Lyme & Tick-borne Diseases Research Center, Global Lyme Alliance
Enrolling:Male and Female Patients
Clinic Visits:1
Age Range:Between 5 and 21 years old
IRB Number:7871
Contact: Lilly Murray: 646-774-7503 /
Additional Study Information:

After certain infections like strep throat, some children can develop sudden neuropsychiatric symptoms like OCD, anxiety, tics, problems eating and urinating, etc. The Columbia Lyme & Tick-borne Diseases Research Center is conducting a study to investigate whether Lyme disease can also cause the development of these sudden neuropsychiatric symptoms. We need healthy children and adolescents to compare to our participants with Lyme disease. Participation in this study consists of one 5-hour visit to our lab at Columbia University Medical Center, where we will collect blood and urine, perform neurocognitive testing, and complete a thorough physician evaluation. The in-person visit will be followed up with approximately 45 minutes of questionnaires that participants (and their parents, if under age 18) can complete at home on the computer. Participants will be compensated $50 for completing all study tasks.

Do You Qualify?
Is the participant between ages 5-21?YesNo
Is the participant medically healthy with no signs of illness/infection?YesNo
Has the participant ever been diagnosed with Lyme or another tick-borne disease?YesNo
Has the participant ever been treated for any neurological or psychiatric disorder?YesNo
Is the participant afraid of needles or has difficulty tolerating blood draw?YesNo
Shannon Delaney, MD
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Who Can I Contact?
For more information, please contact:
Lilly Murray
Phone: 646-774-7503