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RecruitMe Clinical Trial

A Phase 3 Randomized Study to Evaluate the Safety and Antiviral Activity of Remdesivir (GS-5734) in Participants with Severe COVID-19
Study of Remdesivir in Participants Hospitalized with Severe COVID-19
Enrolling:Male and Female Patients
Minimum Age:12 years old
IRB Number:AAAS9614
U.S. Government ID:NCT04292899
Contact: Allison Wolf: 212-342-4412 /
Additional Study Information:

The purpose of this study is to test a medication to treat COVID-19 called remdesivir (RDV) that has not yet been approved by the FDA. If you choose to take part in this study, you will continue to receive the standard care for COVID-19. In addition, you will be randomized to either a 5-day or a 10-day treatment with RDV intravenously (by vein in the arm). You will be in this study for 28 days, or until you leave the hospital or clinic, whichever is earlier. This does not include the screening period which can last up to 3 days.

Do You Qualify?
Is the patient 12 years of age or older?YesNo
Has the patient tested positive for COVID-19?YesNo
Is the patient currently hospitalized and require medical care for COVID-19?YesNo
Does the patient currently require mechanical ventilation?YesNo
Max O'Donnell, MD, MPH
You may be eligible for this study

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Who Can I Contact?
For more information, please contact:
Allison Wolf
Phone: 212-342-4412