A Definitive And Precise Diagnostic Method For Human Autoimmune Diseases In General By Detecting The Root Cause Of Autoimmunity
A study for adults with a recent diagnosis of an autoimmune disease
Sponsor: AVOTRES Therapeutics LLC
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
IRB Number: AAAQ8279
Contact: Joan Bathon: 212-305-6327 / jmb2311@columbia.edu
Additional Study Information: The immune system mounts effective immune responses to virtually any foreign antigens to clear pathogens, at the same time, it does not mount harmful immune response to self-antigens, which are the major components of cells and tissues of the body. Failure of this essential function of self-nonself discrimination of the immune system will lead a variety of autoimmune diseases. This will help develop new types of drugs that may have the potential to prevent and possibly cure a variety of autoimmune diseases. We are requesting that you provide up to 4 tablespoons of blood specimens. This blood draw will only take 5-10 minutes of your time and will only be done once.
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Joan Bathon, MD
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