The effect of strain counterstrain on lateral epicondylitis
The effect of strain counterstrain therapy on tennis elbow
Sponsor: Dr. Kevin Wong
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
Clinic Visits: 4
IRB Number: AAAQ9529
Contact: Noa Ben-Simon: 7735633239 /
Additional Study Information: This study will assess the effects of strain counterstain, a gentle osteopathic manipulative technique, on tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). Participants will be asked to come to CUMC campus for 4 visits. At each visit, participants will complete a questionnaire and undergo a physical assessment of their upper extremity strength and range of motion. All participants will receive treatment for tennis elbow with half of the participants receiving additional strain counterstain therapy.
This study is closed
Christopher Kevin Wong, PT, PhD, OCS
Do You Qualify?
Do you have any neurological deficits? Yes No
Do you have arthritis in your upper extremity? Yes No
Have you had a steroid injection in your elbow less than 6 weeks ago? Yes No
Are you currently receiving treatment for tennis elbow? Yes No
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