Biomarkers of Conversion Risk and Treatment Response in Early-Stage Schizophrenia - First Episode Study
Brain Imaging Study and Brief Treatment - People with Hallucinations and Delusions
Sponsor: NIMH
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
Study Length: 1 Months
Clinic Visits: 6
IRB Number: 7474
Contact: Hannah Hesson: 646-774-5209 /
Additional Study Information: Are you between the ages of 18-35? Do you have schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder? Researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute are currently seeking participants who are interested in a brief trial of anti-psychotic medication. This study will include: - magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - a physical exam - clinical and neurocognitive assessments over a four-week period. If all elements of the study are completed, participants can make up to $550.00. For further information about the study and your eligibility, please contact Hannah at the New York State Psychiatric Institute at 646-774-5209.
This study is closed
Lawrence Kegeles, MD
Do You Qualify?
Are you between the ages of 18-35? Yes No
Have you ever had unusual thoughts, experiences or feelings? Yes No
Do you live in the New York Metropolitan Area? Yes No
You may be eligible for this study

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For more information, please contact:
Hannah Hesson