Antiplatelet Removal and HemocompatIbility EventS with the HeartMate 3 Pump (ARIES HM3)
The ARIES HeartMate 3 Pump: Study for People with Advanced Heart Failure
Sponsor: Abbott Medical Devices
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
IRB Number: AAAS9189
U.S. Govt. ID: NCT04069156
Contact: Kate Dalton: 347-514-3366 /
Additional Study Information: The purpose of this research study is to understand if aspirin is needed in patients heart failure implanted with the HeartMate 3. Patients with devices like the HeartMate 3 take two blood thinner medicines, specifically warfarin and aspirin. Patients implanted with devices like the HeartMate 3 experience both clotting and bleeding complications. Data suggest the HeartMate 3 may not require as much anticoagulation (blood thinners) as are normally used. This study will test if patients need aspirin together with warfarin or just warfarin alone.
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Nir Uriel, MD, MSc
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