Building Capacity of Culturally Diverse Caregivers to Provide Care for Elderly with Functional and Mobility Limitations
Increasing Skills of Caregivers of Older Adults
Sponsor: Columbia University
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
Study Length: 4 Weeks
Clinic Visits: 4
IRB Number: AAAU0530
Contact: Lauren Chan, OTRL: /
Additional Study Information: We are looking for adults with diverse cultural backgrounds who are formal caregivers of older adults with functional or mobility limitations. We are conducting a research study to investigate how participating in an online discussion forum called a Community of Practice (CoP) helps increase caregiver competence for caregivers of diverse cultural backgrounds caring for elderly with functional and mobility limitations. This will be via Online Zoom video calls. We are looking for participants willing to engage in weekly discussions for eight weeks about their caregiving experience, learn about caregiving skills, how to manage stress, and address overall well-being.
Lenin Grajo, PhD
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For more information, please contact:
Lauren Chan, OTRL