Serotonin and Skeletal Health (Bone & Muscle)
Study of Women After Menopause who are Taking Medication and/or Receiving Counseling/Therapy for Depression
Sponsor: NIH & Dr. Walker
Enrolling: Female Patients Only
IRB Number: AAAU1690
Contact: Mariana Bucovsky: 212-305-7225 /
Additional Study Information: Depression and some antidepressants may be associated with an increased risk of breaking a bone. It is not clear why this could be the case. It is possible that depression and/or certain medications used for the treatment of depression cause bone loss, increase the risk of falls, are associated with lower physical activity, or effects on muscle function. Alternatively, it is possible that other medical problems or medications commonly used in those with depression are the culprit. This study is designed to assess mechanisms that might underlie the observation that depression and/or its treatment may increase the risk of breaking a bone. This is a study in women after menopause who have decided under the care of their personal doctor to take anti-depressants or receive counseling/psychotherapy for depression, low mood or depressive symptoms. This study does not provide treatment for depression. In this study, women will be asked to come for 5-7 visits over the course of 18 months to collect information about bone health including information from questionnaires, lab tests, bone density testing (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry or DXA), body composition and muscle testing. We will compare changes in musculoskeletal health in those being treated with and without medication to determine the factors that influence changes in bone density and other indices. Contact Mariana Bucovsky 212-305-7225 or
Marcella Walker, MD
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Are you a female? Yes No
Has it been five or more years since your last period (post menopause)? Yes No
Have you recently started treatment for depression or depression symptoms with either medication or therapy/counseling? Yes No
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