Reducing self-stigma and increasing treatment-seeking intentions among youth with depressive symptoms: A mixed-methods study
Experiencing Depression as a Latinx or Black Young Adult
Sponsor: Columbia University
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
IRB Number: 8366
Contact: Samantha Jankowski, MA: 917-243-1570 /
Additional Study Information: We are conducting research to explore self-stigma around depression, racial/ethnic and cultural experiences, and barriers to care (e.g., embarrassment, limited access, low expectations/motivation). Self-stigma refers to negative beliefs a person has about themself due to their mental illness. We are looking for Latinx or Black young adults ages 18-25 who self-identify with a diagnosis of depression to participate in the study. We will use what we learn to create videos of people who share their story and hopefully reduce stigma. You will participate in an individual interview that will take place remotely using HIPAA-compliant Zoom and will be approximately 45 minutes long. Participants will be compensated $25. To see if you are eligible to participate and express your interest in the study, please complete the eligibility questions below.
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Doron Amsalem, MD
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Have you ever experienced depression? Yes No
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Samantha Jankowski, MA