Beliefs about Social Regulation
Daily Experiences of Couples Study
Sponsor: Department of Defense
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
IRB Number: AAAU0758
Contact: Jo He: 310-463-3933 /
Additional Study Information: Daily Experiences of Couples Study: The SCAN lab at Columbia University is seeking couples to participate in a paid online research study investigating socio-emotional experiences with your partner in daily life. This study will take place entirely online and can be completed from your home. It will include an eligibility screening survey, a brief review of the study over Zoom, 3 weeks of answering surveys on your smartphone at the end of the day (~10 min per day) as well as 2 hour-long surveys occurring at the beginning and end of the study. This study pays up to $30 total per person. Eligibility criteria includes (1) age 21+, (2) currently living in New York City, and (3) willing and able to comply with daily diaries. Both dyad members must be eligible and agree to participate.
Kevin Ochsner, PhD
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