Nutritional deficiency and dopamine: a neurodevelopmental study of starvation effects in teens with anorexia nervosa
Teens and Diets
Sponsor: NIMH
Enrolling: Female Patients Only
Study Length: 2 Days
Clinic Visits: 2
IRB Number: 8321
Contact: Brooke Lundy: 646-774-8066 /
Additional Study Information: Our mission is to learn about nutrition and the developing adolescent brain. This study is looking for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 years who may have anorexia nervosa. As a participant in our study, your child would: (a) complete a series of questionnaires and interviews, (b) complete an MRI (no radiation), and (c) several research assessments of food intake. These procedures would be repeated 1 year later, and she can earn up to $225 each time. To be eligible for this study, adolescents must be 14-18 years old, female, and have a diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa or, if not formally diagnosed, believe they may meet criteria. For those interested and eligible, we have inpatient treatment and outpatient therapy (family based or individual) available at no cost. For more information and to see if your child is eligible, call the Columbia Center for Eating Disorders at 646 774 8066.
This study is closed
Joanna Steinglass, MD
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