Dance for Huntington's Disease
DfHD - Dance for Huntington's Disease
Sponsor: HDSA
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
IRB Number: AAAU5777
Contact: Ashwini Rao: 212-305-1647 /
Additional Study Information: Dance is a complex activity involving the integration of rhythm, spatial patterns, synchronization to external stimuli and whole-body coordination. While regular exercise is often recommended for people with Huntington's Disease (HD), there are no studies examining the use of dance to improve balance and mobility and positively affect the quality of life for individuals with HD. This study uniquely bridges the gap between the performing arts and science. In this study, participants will attend 2 hours of group dance instruction per week. Our aims are: 1) To assess the safety and tolerability of structured dance class as a nontraditional intervention for people living with HD. 2) To improve motor function and increase the intentional movement of those living with HD and 3) Improve cognitive function thereby enhancing executive functioning, which involves aspects (e.g., attention, organization) that have an impact on daily functioning and quality of life of those living with HD.
Ashwini Rao, EdD, OTR
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