Clinical chemosensory evaluation among the Columbia Medical Center care community (Nicotine)
Smelling the Juice: Functional Smell and Taste Preferences in Vaping and Cigarette Smoking
Sponsor: Unfunded
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
IRB Number: AAAU5380
Contact: Jeremy Tervo: 917-475-6161 /
Additional Study Information: The Columbia Otolaryngology Department is interested in understanding the intersection of vaping, smell, and taste and their impact on individuals' preferences for certain flavors. Participation will involve answering a series of questionnaires in addition to completing a formal evaluation of your smell and taste with standardized measurements. You can participate in this study if you: vape (and have never smoked cigarettes), smoke cigarettes (and have never vaped, or never smoked or vaped.
Jonathan Overdevest, MD, PhD
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Jeremy Tervo