A Phase 2, Open-Label Study of the Safety and Efficacy of the Selective Inhibitor of Nuclear Export (SINE) Selinexor (KPT-330) in Patients With Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck, Lung, or Esophagus
A study for patients with advanced skin cancer of the head and neck, lung or esophagus using study drug Selinexor (KPT-330)
Sponsor: Karyopharm Therapeutics, Inc
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
IRB Number: AAAN9156
U.S. Govt. ID: NCT02213133
Contact: Sewanti Limaye: 646-317-6228 / sal2192@columbia.edu
Additional Study Information: The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of KPT-330 on patients with an advanced form of skin cancer called Squamous Cell Cancer (SCC) of the head and neck, lung, or esophagus. The study drug KPT-330 is an investigational drug that
This study is closed
Sewanti Limaye, MD
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Sewanti Limaye