Antidepressant Response in the Treatment of Depressive Symptoms and Frailty Characteristics in Older Adults
Depression and Frailty in Older Adults
Sponsor: NIMH
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
Study Length: 12 Months
IRB Number: 7289R
U.S. Govt. ID: NCT01973283
Contact: Kaleigh O'Boyle: 646-774-8652 /
Additional Study Information: The goal of this open-administration treatment study of escitalopram (or duloxetine) is to evaluate the effect of antidepressant medication on treating the syndrome of frailty in older adults with depressive symptoms. Patients with significant depressive symptoms and 1 or more symptoms of the frailty syndrome (exhaustion, decreased energy, weight loss, decreased grip strength, and slow/unsteady gait) will be evaluated and treated with approved antidepressant medication for 8 weeks to test whether antidepressant medication improves both the syndrome of frailty and depressive symptoms. Patients will be assessed on the primary outcome variables (characteristics of frailty, depressive symptoms) as well as on secondary variables which include cognition (global cognition, episodic memory, executive function), and function (physical mobility, instrumental activities of daily living, and social functioning) prior to treatment initiation and following 8-weeks of treatment.
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Patrick Brown, PhD
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