HVTN 108: A phase 1/2a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of HIV clade C DNA, and of MF59- or AS01B-adjuvanted clade C Env protein in various combinations, in healthy, HIV-uninfected adult participants.
A phase 1/2a HIV vaccine study designed to test the safety and immune responses of different vaccine combinations among HIV adults.
Sponsor: NIH
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
Study Length: 12 Months
Clinic Visits: 12
IRB Number: AAAQ9402
U.S. Govt. ID: NCT02915016
Contact: Jorge Benitez: 212-342-0402 / jb2226@columbia.edu
Additional Study Information: HVTN 108 is an HIV vaccine study for 18-50 year old and HIV-negative people. We would like the test vaccine to teach your immune system to defend against HIV in a manner that is safe and well-tolerated. We will ask that all participants prevent HIV as best as possible and reduce risk of getting HIV. We will ask you to come to the clinic 12 times over 12 months. You will receive the test vaccine or placebo during 4 of these visits. You will compensated $100 for each injection visit, $50 or $75 for visits involving blood draw and $25 for non-injection or visits where no blood is drawn. Information learned from your participation will benefit science and mankind.
This study is closed
Magdalena Sobieszczyk, MD
Do You Qualify?
Are you HIV-negative? Yes No
Are you over 50? Yes No
Do you inject drugs or have sex with an injection drug user? Yes No
Do you exchange sex for money, gifts or services? Yes No
Have you a sexually transmitted infection within 12 months prior to today? Yes No
You may be eligible for this study

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For more information, please contact:
Jorge Benitez