Department Of Epidemiology
Nour Makarem, PhD
Dr. Nour Makarem is a cardiovascular epidemiologist. Her research sits at the intersection of preventive cardiology, sleep and circadian science, nutrition, and epigenetics. Dr. Makarem's interdisciplinary research program addresses the role of behavioral factors (sleep, diet, and rest-activity patterns) in cardiovascular risk and elucidates sex and ethnic differences in these relations. Her current research evaluates the contribution of sleep to cardiovascular health and cardiovascular disease risk modeling. Dr. Makarem also leads a line of research on the circadian rhythmicity of behavioral factors, which refers to their timing and regularity in the 24-h day and across days, in relation to cardiovascular risk, with a particular interest in out-of-clinic blood pressure and glycemic profiles. To develop holistic approaches to precision prevention, her work additionally examines the influence of health behaviors on epigenetic mechanisms related to aging that can alter susceptibility to cardiovascular disease. The goal of her research is to improve cardiovascular disease risk prediction and inform precision behavioral interventions to promote cardiovascular health equity, particularly among immigrant populations. Dr. Makarem's research has been funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association.

Clinical Studies Managed By This Investigator:
Condition Study Title
High Blood Pressure [ CLOSED ] Rest-Activity Rhythms and Blood Pressure
Diabetes [ CLOSED ] Rest-Activity Rhythms and Blood Pressure
Healthy Volunteers [ CLOSED ] Rest-Activity Rhythms and Blood Pressure
Heart Disease [ CLOSED ] Sleep Health in Hispanic/Latino Adults
Heart Disease The DREAM Sleep Health Clinical Trial