Department Of Anesthesiology
Jeanine Marie D'Armiento, MD
Jeanine M. D’Armiento is a Professor of Medicine in Anesthesiology at Columbia University. Dr. D’Armiento is Director of the Center for Molecular Pulmonary Disease in Anesthesiology and Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, and Director of the Center for Lymphangiomyomatosis (LAM) and Rare Lung Disease. Dr. D’Armiento’s research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of lung injury and repair. Her laboratory integrates both in vitro and in vivo approaches and is uniquely situated to characterize the molecular changes in the study of lung injury and disease so as to identify potential therapeutic targets. Dr. D’Armiento’s clinical work focuses on Rare Disease, and she is the Director of the Center for LAM and Rare Lung Diseases at Columbia University, which serves one of the largest populations of women with LAM in addition to patients with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency. She presently serves on the Executive Board of the Alpha-1 Foundation and as a Consultant to the Director of the Office of Rare Disease, NCATs. In addition, Dr. D’Armiento serves on the Executive committee of the Columbia University senate and Chairs the Commission on the Status of Women at the University.

Clinical Studies Managed By This Investigator:
Condition Study Title
Lung Disease Study of HMGA2 in Young Women with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)