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Gary Schwartz, MD

I am a board-certified medical oncologist and internist and chief of Columbia University Medical Center's Division of Hematology and Oncology. I am actively involved in translational and clinical research. The lab, which I direct, focuses on the identification of new targeted agents for cancer therapy, especially in the treatment of sarcoma and melanoma. However, these agents are not disease specific and hold promise in the treatment of all solid-tumor malignancies. These laboratory studies allow for a bridge between the laboratory and the clinic, and many of these drugs that originated in the lab are now being evaluated in clinical trials. My research studies have been supported by the National Cancer Institute, the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer, the Department of Defense for Breast Cancer Research, the Byrne Foundation, and the Food and Drug Administration.

I am active in a number of professional organizations, including ALLIANCE for Clinical Trials in Oncology, the American Association of Cancer Research, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and Radiotherapy Oncology Group. For several years, I have worked closely with the National Institutes of Health and served on a number of NIH review committees. Over the course of my career, I have received many awards, including the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Research, Jeannik M. Littlefield-AACR Award in Metastatic Colon Cancer and the New York State Teaching Award in the Empire Clinical Research Investigator Program. I have also been awarded a K12 award from the NCI for the training of the next generation of physician-scientists in cancer therapy. I am involved in the teaching and mentorship of junior faculty and fellows, and I take great pride in my active participation in patient care.

I have served on the editorial boards of a number of scientific journals, and I serve as associate editor on both the Journal of Clinical Oncology and Clinical Cancer Research. I am the author of nearly 200 papers and 17 book chapters.

Clinical Studies Managed By Dr. Schwartz:
More InfoTitleSponsorIRB Number
Details[CLOSED] A study for patients with mutant melanoma using study drugs LEE011 in combination with MEK162Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationAAAN6610
Details[CLOSED] A study for patients with advanced malignancies (glioma, heme and cholangiocarcinoma or other solid tumors) using study drug IDH305Novartis PharmaceuticalsAAAO7704
Details[CLOSED] A study for patients with solid tumor and malignant lymphomas using study drug BAY 1143572BayerAAAO2313
Details[CLOSED] A study for patients with advanced or metastatic soft tissue sarcoma using study drug Doxorubicin plus OlaratumabEli Lilly and CompanyAAAP8958
DetailsA study for patients with advanced unresectable dedifferentiated liposarcoma (DDLS) using study drug SelinexorKaryopharm Therapeutics, IncAAAQ6101
Details[CLOSED] A study for patients with soft tissue sarcoma using study drug olaratumabEli Lilly and CompanyAAAQ8127
Details[CLOSED] Study safety of using glutaminase inhibitor in combination with drug (Nivolumab) in patients with renal cell carcinoma and solid tumorsCalithera Bioscienes, Inc.AAAR5054
Details[CLOSED] Study of DS-3032b in Subjects with Advanced Solid Tumors or LymphomasDaiichi Sankyo Pharma DevelopmentAAAN4003
Details[CLOSED] Study of Nivolumab in Patients with SarcomaAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyAAAQ0754
Details[CLOSED] Study of Drug in Patients with SarcomaAllianceAAAQ5401
DetailsStudy of Atezolizumab in Alveolar Soft Part SarcomaAura BiosciencesAAAR3626
DetailsStudy of Drug in Patients with Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE)National Cancer InstituteAAAR4308
Details[CLOSED] Study of Drug (INCB059872) in Participants with Relapsed or Refractory Ewing SarcomaIncyte CorporationAAAR7289
DetailsStudy of LY3405105 for Patients with Advanced Solid TumorsEli Lilly and CompanyAAAS1915
DetailsA Study of OBT076 in Women with Recurring and/or Metastatic Solid TumorsOxford BioTherapeuticsAAAS3724
DetailsStudy of ASTX295 in Patients With Solid TumorsAstex PharmaceuticalsAAAS3955
DetailsSpearhead 1 Study in Subjects With Advanced Synovial Sarcoma or Myxoid/Round Cell LiposarcomaAdaptimmuneAAAS4184
DetailsSafety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of an Anti-PD-1 Monoclonal Antibody in Subjects With Advanced MalignanciesShanghai Junshi Bioscience Co., Ltd.AAAS3710
DetailsSpearhead 1 Study in Subjects With Advanced Synovial Sarcoma or Myxoid/Round Cell LiposarcomaAdaptimmuneAAAS4184
DetailsA Study of Rucaparib as Treatment for Solid TumorsClovis Oncology, Inc.AAAS6974
DetailsStudy of AMG-232 with Preoperative Radiotherapy in Subjects with Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS)National Institutes of Health NIHAAAS6693
Details[CLOSED] Nirogacestat for Adults With Desmoid Tumor/Aggressive Fibromatosis (Soft Tissue Sarcoma)SpringWorks Therapeutics, Inc.AAAS5686
DetailsADI-PEG 20 in Combination With Gemcitabine and Docetaxel for the Treatment of Bone and Soft Tissue SarcomaNIHAAAS6530
DetailsStudy of Paclitaxel With and Without Nivolumab and Nivolumab and Cabozantinib in Taxane Pretreated Subjects with AngiosarcomaNIHAAAT2905