Department Of Pediatric Hematology
Nancy Green, MD

Nancy Green, MD is a pediatric hematologist with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of the full-range of pediatric blood disorders, with a special interest in hemoglobinopathies such as sickle cell disease.

Her interest in sickle cell disease began while in college, where Dr. Green was attracted to its clinical complexity, laboratory features, and research opportunities to improve the health of people with the disease. Her current research focuses on optimizing treatments for sickle cell disease, especially the drug hydroxyurea - the primary therapy for patients. She is studying the differences among patients in their response to this drug: the genetics of response to hydroxyurea, adherence to therapy, and cultural and other aspects. She is also studying the hematologic aspects of bone marrow transplantation, which can cure sickle cell disease but is not an option for many patients.

Dr. Green hopes to contribute to the field by enhancing the understanding of how patients with sickle cell disease respond to hydroxyurea, with the goal of clarifying how it can be most effectively used and by whom. For families whose children do not respond well to this drug, she hopes her work will help them as they think about their options for treatment.

Dr. Green's research also focuses on newborn screening, a public health program in which infants are tested for a variety of disorders usually before the baby goes home from the newborn nursery. Screening is a service provided for every baby born in the United States and elsewhere. Its goal is to identify babies affected by conditions and to start treatment early to help keep them healthy. One of the conditions included in newborn screening is sickle cell disease. Other blood diseases may be identified by screening newborns or young children.

Clinical Studies Managed By This Investigator:
Condition Study Title
Sickle Cell Disease [ CLOSED ] A study for children with sickle cell using study drug Hydroxyurea