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Condition Study Title Investigator
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ARMOR Study: A Study to Follow COVID-19 Antibodies Over Time Magdalena Sobieszczyk, MD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) COVID-19 Persistence: Understanding the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and Host Factors in People Who Are Recovering From Their Illness (C-PIC) Michael Yin, MD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Screening for COVID-19 Vaccine, Prevention and Treatment Research Studies Magdalena Sobieszczyk, MD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) COVID Outcomes Study for Mothers and Babies (COVID Positive Mothers) Dani Dumitriu, MD, PhD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Smell and Taste Disturbances in COVID-19 Jonathan Overdevest, MD, PhD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Transmission of COVID-19 in Households Delivette Castor, PhD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Study of the COVID-19 Epidemic through Sewage for Columbia University Students and Employees Anne-Catrin Uhlemann, MD, PhD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Lung MaPS Elizabeth Oelsner, MD, MPH
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Study of Learning Mindfulness Meditation to Improve Symptoms in Patients with Long COVID Deborah Theodore, MD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) A Caregiver Training Program to Enhance COVID-19 Patient Readiness Lenin Grajo, PhD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) RECOVER-Understanding the Impact of Long COVID on Children and Families Melissa Stockwell, MD, MPH
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) IMPROVE 2 - Well-Being in Emergency Medicine After COVID 19 Ari Shechter, PhD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) COVID CT Registry (COVID Cohort) Andrew Einstein, MD