Qualifying convalescent plasma donors (COVID-19, Coronavirus)
Recruiting People Who Have Recovered from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to Donate Convalescent Plasma
Sponsor: Columbia University
Enrolling: Male and Female Patients
IRB Number: AAAS9845
Contact: Eldad Hod, MD: 212-305-2756 / COVID19Plasma@cumc.columbia.edu
Additional Study Information: We are looking for volunteers who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate blood for treatment of others with this virus. Your plasma donation will help up to three people who are currently fighting this virus. Due to the high volume of inquiries, please send an inquiry through RecruitMe by clicking the "Do You Qualify" button. We're receiving a large number of requests about this study. We are working around the clock to enroll eligible donors. We will contact you as soon as we can by phone or email. Please note that our calls may show up as "potential spam" or "blocked" as we have protected our study staff's personal phone numbers. Thank you in advance for your patience!
This study is closed
Eldad Hod, MD
Do You Qualify?
Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes No
Have you experienced symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., fever, cough, shortness of breath) and since recovered? Yes No
Do you weigh at least 110 pounds? Yes No
You may be eligible for this study

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For more information, please contact:
Eldad Hod, MD