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Condition Study Title Investigator
Heart Disease A Study of GORE CARDIOFORM Septal Occluder for Reduction of Recurrent Stroke in Patients With Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Robert Sommer, MD
Heart Disease Study of the Impella SmartAssist in Participants Undergoing High Risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (HRPCI) Jeffrey Moses, MD
Heart Disease Champion Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Robert Sommer, MD
Heart Disease HEAL Study: Comparison of Participants Who Received a CanGaroo Envelope, Tyrx Envelope, or no Envelope During CIED Implantation Hirad Yarmohammadi, MD, MPH
Heart Disease Medtronic Product Surveillance Registry Post Approval Network (PAN) Frederick Ehlert, MD
Heart Disease VapeScan Heart and Lung Study Ana Navas-Acien, MD
Heart Disease Weight Changes and Heart Health in Women Brooke Aggarwal, EdD, MS
Heart Disease Sleep Health in Hispanic/Latino Adults Nour Makarem, PhD
Arterial Disease Safety and Efficacy Study of Transcatheter Closure of Ostium Secundum Atrial Septal Defects (ASDs) Robert Sommer, MD
Valve Disease APOLLO Trial for patients with Mitral regurgitation Susheel Kodali, MD
High Blood Pressure The Better BP Study Daichi Shimbo, MD
High Blood Pressure Rest-Activity Rhythms and Blood Pressure Nour Makarem, PhD
High Blood Pressure The Cuffless Blood Pressure Study Samuel Sia, PhD
Peripheral Arterial Disease Observational Study to Assess Transradial Access for Treatment in the Lower Extremities (R2P Registry) Sanjum Sethi, MD, MPH
Peripheral Arterial Disease MIMICS-3D-USA Registry Study in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease Sahil Parikh, MD
Peripheral Arterial Disease Drug-Eluting Registry: Real-World Treatment of Lesions in the Peripheral Vasculature (ELEGANCE) Sahil Parikh, MD
Coronary Artery Disease Study of Dynamic Coronary Roadmap Software During Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (DCR4Contrast Clinical Evidence Study) Ajay Kirtane, MD, SM
Heart Failure Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement plus medical management versus medical management alone in patients with ADvanced heart failure Susheel Kodali, MD
Heart Failure The ARIES HeartMate 3 Pump: Study for People with Advanced Heart Failure Nir Uriel, MD, MSc
Heart Failure The CORCINCH-HF Study: Study of AccuCinch in Patients with Symptomatic Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Frraction (HFrEF) Gabriel Sayer, MD
Heart Failure ALLEVIATE-HF: Algorithm Using LINQ Sensors for Evaluation And Treatment of Heart Failure Kelly Axsom, MD
Heart Failure Endovascular Ablation of the Right Greater Splanchnic Nerve in Subjects Having HFpEF Nir Uriel, MD, MSc
Heart Failure Procyrion - The Aortix CRS Pilot Study Justin Fried, MD
Heart Failure Study of the Doraya Catheter for Patients with Acute Heart Failure Gabriel Sayer, MD
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) COVID-19 Biobank: For People Who Have Been Tested for COVID-19 at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Muredach Reilly, MD
Breast Cancer Intervention to Improve Medication Scheduling for Patients with Breast Cancer Dawn Hershman, MD
Down Syndrome Impact on Learning and Development in Down Syndrome(CHILD-DS) Brett Anderson, MD, MBA
Dementia Rapid Dementia screening using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sairam Geethanath, PhD